Top 5 Steps to Defeat Asthma – Natural Treatment

Suffering with Asthma every day is like having an extra job trying to control the symptoms. It only takes one day when the air pollution is higher than normal causing you to wheeze so bad you can’t make it into work. The cold air hitting your lungs causes you to have an asthma attack so you stay home more than going out. You resort to your medication to keep your asthma at bay. Does this sound like you?

Choosing a natural treatment for asthma may be what you need not only to relieve your symptoms but to heal your body from the inside.

#1. Asthma (Natural Treatment)

Asthma is an inflammatory reaction to allergens and irritants. Before we can deal with the inflammation it’s important to start the process of treating your asthma naturally by analyzing your environment.

Remove all allergens and irritants that may trigger an asthma attack: chemicals, aerosol sprays, animal dander, certain medications, molds, perfumes, pollens, sulfites, to name a few.

Jane had asthma since she was 5, (61 years ago) but had it well controlled until about 14 years ago. Then in spring she would have to wear a filter mask when she walked her dog or end up with

Management of Arthritis and Treatment Without Medication

Management of Arthritis and Treatment Without Medication

The pain of arthritis is crippling when not manage correctly. The disease is caused by joints filling with synovial fluid that leaks out from behind a membrane as a result of an injury. This is a straw-coloured fluid that reduces friction between articular cartilages of synovial joints during movement. It is normally contained in joint cavities but crystallisation of the normally viscous fluid can prevent joint movement and so cause pain through inflammation.

This is a very simple and basic explanation without the medical jargon that many may not comprehend. What we are doing here is simply clarifying the cause of arthritic pain. Joints usually take on a yellowish colour while the pain is caused by the fluid itself. Inflammation of the area increases pain considerably.

Sufferers are usually prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to help lower the stress but diet should be a major concern as it has a great deal to do with it. Foods that cause inflammation are things like milk, refined flour (used in cakes, batter, scones, pancakes, bread, and so on), starch, such as custards and cornflour, and a heap of other things. Avoidance of anything that contains flour or any of

Four Unexpected Health Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Surgery

When asked about the goals of cosmetic surgery, many people assume that they are mainly focused on appearance. However, many procedures have benefits that stretch beyond just aesthetics to have a positive impact on a person’s physical health and emotional well-being.

1. Breathing

In many cases, a “nose job” or rhinoplasty actually helps to alleviate respiratory issues. By correcting a deviated septum and opening the airways, patients enjoy relief from a variety of breathing issues, from sleep apnea and snoring to allergies and asthma.

Any surgery that reduces the weight carried by the body, such as liposuction or breast reduction, will also improve breathing in many cases. Better breathing, in turn, brings more oxygen into the bloodstream and causes improvements in every system, from circulatory to immune to digestive.

2. Posture

Procedures like breast reduction, liposuction, and tummy tucks often result in better posture. Maintaining a proper posture has wide-ranging benefits on the body, including:

– Relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain
– Stress relief
– Increased organ function and efficiency
– Improved energy, mood, and memory

The social implications of posture go back to the animal kingdom, where “posturing” or “posing” demonstrates authority and ownership. People associate posture with confidence, health, and leadership, and

How To Regain Brighter, Younger Looking Skin!

How To Regain Brighter, Younger Looking Skin!

Your face is the first place on the body that shows signs of aging. As the age of 30 approaches, inflammation increases and wrinkles become more prominent. This process effects both women AND men. When you regularly apply the necessary ingredients to your face this process can be significantly slowed down and in just a few weeks you can look several years younger. The key is not only what vitamins and nutrients we put inside our bodies, but also what your facial skin requires on the outside. So let’s talk about some of the key ingredients and what our skin requires in order to get that youthful glow we are all striving for.

First is the necessity of skin cell protection. Shea butter has an antioxidant-rich makeup that stimulates the production of collagen and prevents the creation of premature facial lines and wrinkles. It is a solid fatty oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and helps protect the skin cells from environmental damage and free radicals.

Next would be the importance of conditioning the skin which is where triglycerides come in to play. They work to deeply condition and help to enhance the dispersal